We have struggled, since our foundation, +10 years ago, to be a top choice
for our partners, a reliable and appreciated software consultancy provider
and to be known and recognized for our professionalism and expertise
at all levels, as well as for our responsiveness, and long-term trustworthiness

Even more "smart" companies are concerned about the performance of business processes, efficiency and continuously optimizing them to be able to maintain the competitive space of today. Their power is given by informational resource that enables continuous adaptation to evolving market requirements. It is a strategic task and it can not be achieved only by the existence of software tools dedicated professional business management and organizational performance measurement indicators.

Any company that has implemented professional software solutions enjoy this advantage. Such complex work tools ensures standardized processes, removes any waste of money - time, improve workflows, performs communication at all levels: between employees, between employees and managers, between employees, managers and the external environment.

We aims both accurate understanding of customers' business processes and identify their needs in terms of optimization and management.

Are you a well informed managers? If you want  your business to have a well-planned structure:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) organizes your business processes and activities, provides you quickly and real time data.
Document Management (DMS) helps you archive all your files with maximum precision, and the answers at all the questions of your customers are just a click away.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps you to know in a real time the results of every consultative selling  stage.
Business Intelligence (BI) helps you to implement performance indicators when you make new investments or you want to know the facts and key fingers. Time is money.
An effective e-Government provides a wide variety of benefits including more efficiency and savings for governments and businesses, increased transparency, and greater participation of citizens in political life. eGovernment involves much more than just a tool. It also involves rethinking organizations and processes, and changing behavior so that public services are delivered more efficiently to people. Implemented well, eGovernment enables citizens, enterprises and organizations to carry out their business with government more easily, more quickly and at lower cost.
One of the EU requirements is modernization of the structural system and the work of public administration. This process represents a challenge for public institutions, the process is extremely complex.
A software platform is an integrated solution, complex and full, offering all public employees the tools to create and maintain an overview of the processes using the same interface. It is distinguished by speed and flexibility that will produce consistent and measurable progress, all aimed at achieving the same objective, namely to ensure delivering electronic services for all citizens. Based on the architecture of scalable and secure platform Microsoft .NET, XML Web services, the solution enables you to make the most of existing IT infrastructure and your employees' expertise.
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